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Create The Birth Experience You Want By Tapping Into Your Body

When it comes to birth we have lost some of our ancestral knowledge, and it has been replaced with FEAR. Now we don’t trust our bodies and we don’t take the time to learn how to work with our bodies naturally while in labor. Unfortunately, the lack of knowledge and the increased fear has caused more pain (you’ll understand why in the e-book), more medical interventions, more inductions, more c-sections, and more. SO, it may seem darn near impossible to have a less painful birth or to birth your way but it’s not! 


That is why I created this e-book  10 Ways To Ease Labor Pains:

You’ll learn
-how important it is to choose the right provider/birth team (OB/Midwife/Doula)
-how to create the right birth environment (hospital, home, birth center)
-how to reduce labor pains
-how to listen and work with your body during labor

-how to work with your birth hormones

-learn about birth positions
-learn about comfort techniques
– the importance of breathing while in stage 1 and stage 2 labor
– learn about your birth options and rights

Discover How Powerful You and Your Body Truly Are

I finally decided to buy 10 Ways to Ease Labor Pains and I am so happy that I did. I learned  more from this book than I did in my previous pregnancy. Now, I feel ready to have the birth that I want. 

Angel H.
Joy is amazing!! She helped us with the things we weren’t prepared for. Thank you so much Joy!
Danyelle J.

9 Reasons to get the e-book...

Reason #1: You'll understand how simple it is to have a less painful birth

Reason #2: You'll gain confidence in your body's ability

Reason #3: You'll know how to manipulate and work with your birth hormones

Reason #4: You'll understand how to create the best birthing environment

Reason #5: You'll understand how energy affects your birth

Reason #6: You'll learn the best positions to help your baby through your pelvis

Reason #7: You'll learn how to prevent perineal tearing

Reason #8: You'll learn how to reduce medical interventions

Reason #9: You'll learn how to reduce the need for inductions

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My Guarantee To You: As a mother of 5 and a Birth Worker, I understand how important it is to get valuable evidenced based information about pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. I guarantee you that this e-book is just that. I promise that you will understand what causes birth to be more painful and what you can do to reduce it. Reading this e-book will definitely guide you on how to have a less painful birth. So go ahead and confidently get your copy!

 Joy easily conveys the most complex of changes and processes that a woman’s body can experience during pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum. After reading, I understood what will be happening with my body and all the changes it will go through.

Bri V.

There is an abundance of information about childbirth  which put me at ease. I feel more prepared mentally and emotionally to have my baby because I have a better understanding of what will happen in childbirth.

Christine M.

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